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Since 1990, Kwalyti Tool has been working with industry leading companies solving problems in the packaging field.  Our expertise is in finding solutions to your packaging problems, and our commitment to details is beyond comparison. Our goal is to anticipate your needs by applying experience gained through various applications with many  different types of packaging machinery. Tiromat®, Multivac®, Hajak, Dixie®, Mahaffey®… and many others. We can provide solutions to even the toughest problems.  

Consider these examples of solutions our customers needed:

One company had a substantial investment in an older packaging machine. The equipment OEM informs them that they will need to scrap the machine and replace it with a new one.  This would eliminate the ability to use any of their existing tooling. Kwalyti Tool assisted  them in updating the machine to current control specifications. We then   manufactured and installed 3 additional sets of tooling making the machine capable of running even more products. This project was accomplished in less than 6 months.

Another  company had 18 machines running  which were purchased over a period of  15+ years. The OEM can no longer support the machines because various aftermarket suppliers had installed a number of components  that  did  not meet the OEM specifications.  Worse yet, every machine was different.  Purchasing 18 new machines was too expensive, yet maintenance and down time was eating into profits more and more every year. Kwalyti Tool was able bring the mechanical portion of the machines back to OEM specifications including interchangeability of components between different machines. A state of the art control system including touch screen interface and servo drive was added to each machine. This substantially increased the reliability of each machine, while reducing defects. This on-going project has saved the company thousands of dollars and increased efficiency considerably.

These are just two of our recent success stories. With 18 years in business and over 100 years of combined packaging experience in the thermoform-fill-seal industry , we can help solve your packaging problems too. We do this by listening, then  anticipating what will happen at every turn and planning for it. Consider us for your next project and  let us make your company our next success story.

Member of Tooling & Manufacturing Association Institute of Packaging Professionals