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Kwalyti's Digital Prototypes

Digital Prototypes

      Creating a digital prototype of your package creates digital images that you can use to totally explore your package before the tooling even goes to production. Design data from all phases of the package development is input into a single digital model, specifically created so you can visualize, and simulate the real-world performance of your packageóthereby reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes not realized until the package is in production.

      By creating your product and package design in 3D, we provide you a way to assess all aspects of your package. Our engineering team tests and validates the digital prototype throughout the design process to help you make the best possible design decisions and avoid costly mistakes and changes. You are able to visually inspect details such as hole punch, header size, seal area and more.

      Our engineering and manufacturing teams review the package exactly as itís intended, and will provide your with input on its predicted performance and cost effectiveness. Your package prototype will help you make a better design decision.

      At Kwalyti Tool, digital prototyping is one more way that we help you get your innovative products to market faster and increase your competitive advantage.