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Kwalyti's Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

      Reverse engineering is an engineering method used to create a 3D digital model of your existing product, part or package. This 3D image can then be used to document, manufacture, reduce costs or even improve your product.

      The process of reverse engineering can be used to create an exact duplicate of an existing part when the documentation for the part no longer exists. It is also an effective way to identify potential problems and learn how to make improvements of existing products. The 3D digital model that is created allows us to analyze the strength and performance of the product and then propose changes or modifications that can result in cost reductions or performance improvements.

Examples of the beneficial uses of reverse engineering include:
  • Understanding more comprehensively how a product performs in the marketplace
  • Documenting an existing product for future advantages
  • Duplicating an existing product when there is no existing documentation
  • Evaluating and correcting errors and limitations in existing products
  • Improving the manufacturability of a product
  • Examining the compatibility of a product
  • Reducing manufacturing or handling costs of a product
      Typically in a manufacturing environment, a product is developed by implementing design and engineering concepts. By contrast, reverse engineering begins with final product, and works backward to recreate the engineering concepts. The digital image that results from a reverse engineering effort is an exact duplicate of the original system. This can be used to manufacture the part identically or propose improvements or changes to the original design. The creation of better designs and the interoperability of existing products often begin with reverse engineering.